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Abacus is a brain development program, improves concentration, speed & accuracy,80% of the brain development happens by the age of 5yrs so while doing this program children improve not only in academics but in all aspects of development. Junior Abacus (Sr.Kg & 1st std) & Senior Abacus (2nd till 5th std).Implemented as school curriculum.

Vedic Mathematics is a book written by the Indian Hindu cleric Bharati Krishna Tirthaji and first published in 1965. It contains a list of mental calculation techniques claimed to be based on the Vedas. The book contains 16 sutras, 13 sub sutras each of which lists a mental calculation technique. Helps in removing the fear of numbers, increases speed in arithmetic calculations, Logic development and short cut methods to do complex sums. Basic (6th & 7th std) & Advance (8th std Onwards).Implemented as school curriculum.