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Abacus is a brain development program, improves concentration, speed & accuracy,80% of the brain development happens by the age of 5yrs so while doing this program children improve not only in academics but in all aspects of development. Junior Abacus (Sr.Kg & 1st std) & Senior Abacus (2nd till 5th std).Implemented as school curriculum.

Vedic Mathematics is a book written by the Indian Hindu cleric Bharati Krishna Tirthaji and first published in 1965. It contains a list of mental calculation techniques claimed to be based on the Vedas. The book contains 16 sutras, 13 sub sutras each of which lists a mental calculation technique. Helps in removing the fear of numbers, increases speed in arithmetic calculations, Logic development and short cut methods to do complex sums. Basic (6th & 7th std) & Advance (8th std Onwards).Implemented as school curriculum.

Helen O’ Grady International is a unique self-development programme for children of all age groups. It is the only programme of its kind in the world which uses the medium of drama to teach Communication skills to children.

The aims of Helen O’Grady International achieved through involving the students in a highly stimulating, creative, theatre arts programme, which is designed to develop:

  1. Enthusiasm and positive approach to life
  2. Ongoing Confidence
  3. Self Esteem
  4. Skill in verbal communication
  5. Effective social interaction

With the growing field of education it is also important to have good teachers not only with good command over English language but also to identify the basic skills and to develop the talents in kids by acquiring good knowledge and understanding them. The effective teacher should be aware of the principal of child development and needs of the children, which are different from the primary and post primary children. This is the reason we conduct training courses with utmost care giving due emphasis on child psychology of this age group. The demand for nursery school early childhood care is increasing day by day and teachers who possess requisite qualification and training are in great demand.

The objectives of the programs:
  • Enhancing individual employability.
  • To reduce miss-match between the demand and supply of skill man power.
  • To provide an alternative for those pursuing higher education without particular aims purpose.
  • We have a tie up with Indira Gandhi School of Education (IGSE) to provide NTT program to aspiring Candidates.
  • IGSE is one of the pioneer organizations for imparting N.T.T as per guidance of N.C.E.R.T., New Delhi to women in various states from nearly a decade.
  • Thousands of students are being trained through Practical & Theoretical Knowledge, every year out of which about 80% of the students have already got the job in Nursery schools or in Central School for teaching.
  • In these Modern times, woman has got an important and significant role in nation building. Keeping this factor in view, we are making an important and significant role in nation building.
  • Keeping this factor in view, we are making all out efforts to make women independent, which is also a basic need of the day.
  • Indira Gandhi School of Education is the first ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization to introduce the Nursery Teachers Training, among all the system available in the country.
  • The society has developed its teacher’s Training program and national application from the progress of the women and children.

Course Duration: 1Year
Course Available: Regular & Correspondence
Medium of Teaching: English/Hindi

Affiliated to All India Early Childhood Care and Education (AIECCE)

Phonics is a systematic method for learning based on a range of Sounds, and sight words learning guidance focuses on increasing a child’s familiarity with the words that are encountered frequently.

  • Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling.
  • Far-reaching implications for lifelong confidence and well-being.
  • High Quality phonic teaching secures the skill of word recognition.
  • Once mastered, enables children to read fluently and automatically.
  • Once children are fluent readers they are able to concentrate on the meaning of the text.
  • Move from learning to read to reading for pleasure and purpose.
  • Teaches skills for spelling – being a resilient speller

The summers are always the time of the year when the kids are not able to spend the Abundant energy they have due to their vacations and the energy is spent on mischievous activities, TV watching, fighting, sleeping, idle and bored.

The summer Camp is a four week program in the mid of April full of fun and enjoyment.

The camp includes Story Telling, Puppet show, Art & crafts, Science Experiments, Dance, Music, Summer Carnival, Puzzles, Dramatics and Drawing. Kindly book in advance as every year the seats are completely full and we have only limited seats.